Pirates highlights for the week of August 26-September 1!

Pirates highlights for the week of August 26-September 1!

Hey Buc Nation! I’m still here, and, more importantly, I’m still making Pirates art!

Admittedly, I got a bit worn down trying to draw every game last year. Regardless of the team’s record, doing daily sketches got overwhelming. Especially when I started getting a following large enough to make me not want to put up lousy sketches - I was trying to make every day’s post a finished work of art (instead of a quick sketch, as I had originally intended).

I’ve learned my lesson, though! So this year I’ll be drawing weekly illustrated recaps, instead. This way I can put a bit more time into each post and end up with something closer to a completed drawing that I’m happy with. I’ll likely be making them in color most weeks as well.

In the mean time, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to! I had a chance to meet Michael McKenry as a #BucSocialVIP at PirateFest in December, so of course I had to get a drawing of him signed. And I also created a Facebook cover photo for Cutch that he featured on his official FB page for a few weeks over the winter.

I’ve got much more coming at yinz this season. So please keep following! 2013 is gonna be The Year!